33 Reasons To Love The Cats Of The Middle East

Reason number one: they are cats. posted on

1. The Middle East and North Africa are home to a lot of cats.

2. And life isn’t always easy.

3. Because these cats have a whole host of worries that are foreign to their American brethren.

4. They often have to contend with the threat of street violence.

6. Local health risks, like tear gas canisters.

7. Political exploitation.

A group of Syrians are using Facebook to document death, destruction and cats:

9. It’s often a life on the margins.

10. Then there’s this enduring stereotype.

A hundred percent historically correct.

11. But these cats don’t need your pity, as they know they’ve also got it good.

12. They get to laze around in Istanbul.

Istanbul is full of stray cats. As a nation we adore cats. But why the bias against dogs???

13. Enjoy the fruits of the region’s intellectual history.

15. And bask in the beauty of the Bosphorus.

16. They can enjoy the time-honored trades of Morocco.

In #Morocco , cats are preferred over dogs as canines are said to chase away good angels. #Marrakech souk (market)

17. And stroll through the blue streets of Chefchaouen.

Cats are everywhere in Morocco. Here's one I found just waiting to be photographed ;) #travel

18. They are there to raise visitor numbers at Abu Simbal in Egypt.

19. Guard Petra in Jordan from any more Indiana Jones types.

20. Bear witness to the famed architecture of Syria.

21. Take a stroll through ancient Jerusalem.

22. And pose suggestively in front of religious institutions like any good tourist.

23. But unlike tourists, they are not impressed with normative guidebook expectations.

24. And instead do it their own way: I came, I saw, I napped.

25. Other times, they work their local charm, cosying up to tourists to silently mock their cluelessness all while getting a belly rub out of it.

26. Because cats understand way more about the “other” (you know, humans) than we think.

27. They’ve mastered the art of hissing and staring at passerbys from their motorbikes.

28. They know the best way to make use of local news.

29. They are experts on the local cuisine.

Looks aristocratic:-) RT @tayfunsen: Besiktas cat. That's what istanbul is, a city of cats.

30. And they are always down to party. Especially the Lebanese ones.

31. Of course, like everywhere, there’s also a lot of this.

32. And then afterwards this.

Another version of Humans of Lebanon. Cats of Lebanon - hamra. so chubby! Will name it Chubster.

33. All cats are there to be loved. And in the end, they may be our only hope.

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