27 Things Everyone Thinks While Riding In A Rickshaw

Take a deep breath and block out all the times you crashed.

1. So you’ve opted for the rickshaw (or tuk tuk, bajaj, or mototaxi, etc, depending on where you roll).

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2. Ridiculousness ensues.

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3. Traffic is likely terrible.

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4. Chances are high it’s raining or just rained or could rain again.

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5. And, despite your glamorous ways, you want a cheap ride.

Also, walking short distances? No, thanks.

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6. But for good and bad, rickshaw drivers know no fear.

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7. Sidewalks are never a problem.

Sorry, pretext of law.

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8. Wimpy water can be tamed.

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9. For an exhilarating moment that tiny engine can even outpace any car on the road.

As long as you don’t think about reaching the end of the hill when breaking may or may not happen.

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10. The possibilities are (sort of) endless.

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11. Then again, your driver may questionably be half your age.

You’ve likely thought: Is that kid expertly whizzing through traffic, or just high on something and getting lucky? ignorance can be bliss.

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12. Door has a fluid definition.

Hold tight.

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13. You’re expected to engage in some serious haggling with a man driving this.

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14. Or pay extra for the VIP service that is this.

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15. Of course the very real threat of a collision is never, ever far away.

Please don’t text and bajaj.

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16. Then there’s that soul crushing moment when every driver refuses to take you where you want to go for some inexplicable (or not) reason.

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17. Followed by the most maddening rule of all: The driver can loudly blast whatever techno he likes.

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18. But defy the rickshaw logic, and you’ll likely miss out on some of the world’s coolest side streets and sites.

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19. Beyond the humdrum of haggling, every rickshaw is in its own ridiculous way unique.

Some even spell it out for you.

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20. With style, the driver is able to (somehow) outmaneuver the craziest of rains, tricky roads, and potholes that those in power always fail to fix.

Remember: Block out the times you actually do tip over.

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21. There may not actually be any Wifi.

Clever marketing, though.

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22. But can your four-wheeler pull off this?

ID: 3325467

23. Or this?

ID: 3323370

24. And defy gravity like this?

Didn’t think so.

ID: 3393885

25. Yep, 100% endorsed by Macklemore.

ID: 3323550

26. And if you’re reading this then you’ve survived the crazy ride.

And maybe will do it all again tomorrow.

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27. So, next time, don’t forget your selfie.

And be safe.

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