15 Harrowing Photos Of Iraq’s Yazidi Fleeing The Advance Of ISIS

Thousands of Yazidi walked miles to find refuge as the militant group expanded its reach.

Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

On the outskirts of Sinjar Mountain, displaced Yazidi walk towards the Syrian border on their way to safety in Iraqi Kurdistan on Aug. 10.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

An estimated 40,000 Yazidi fled to Sinjar Mountain after ISIS captured their towns on Aug 3. ISIS fighters besieged the mountain, and the stranded Yazidi started to die from starvation and dehydration.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

At least 40 children died form the harsh conditions during just the first few days on Sinjar Mountain, according to Unicef.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Iraq’s human rights minister told Reuters that ISIS fighters had killed at least 500 Yazidi during their northern offensive.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

The displaced Yazidi have had to struggle through harsh conditions to flee ISIS’s violence.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Members of the Kurdish Red Crescent help a displaced Yazidi woman.

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AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed

Yazidi fleeing ISIS cool off in the Tigris River on Aug. 10. Kurdish officials said that some 45,000 Yazidi had crossed the river in the past week.

ID: 3575361
AP Photo/ Khalid Mohammed

U.S. and Kurdish flags flutter while members of the Yazidi community struggle to reach safety.

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Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Thousands more Yazidi are still believed to be stranded on Sinjar Mountain.

ID: 3575368
Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Yazidi cross a river into Iraqi Kurdistan on Aug. 11.

ID: 3575539
Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Displaced Yazidi cross back into Dohuk province in Iraqi Kurdistan from Syria on Aug. 10.

ID: 3575542
Stringer / Reuters

Many of the Yazidi fled their homes with little or no possessions, like these women, pictured on Aug 11.

ID: 3575548
Stringer / Reuters

The Yazidi are one of many minority Kurdish and religious groups displaced by ISIS’s violence. Iraqi Christians in the north have also been forced to flee.

ID: 3575544
Stringer / Reuters

Prior to ISIS’s advance, northern Iraq had long been home to many of Iraq’s diverse minority communities.

ID: 3575543
Stringer/Iraq / Reuters

Now tens of thousands of civilians have had to flee, and don’t know if or when they will go home again.

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