22 Reasons Why Being Unique Is Better

Who wants to be normal anyway? We tip our hats to those who see things differently. MINI. NOT NORMAL.

1. You’ll get the best pictures:

2. You’ll have the most delicious pi:

3. You’ll always have the best spot:

4. Your lighting will make your room more dynamic:

5. You’ll have the best bouquet ever:

6. You’ll never go thirsty again:

7. Your nails will leave your friends in awe:

© Orly International

8. Your ride will be the talk of town:

9. You shall fear no broken shower heads:

10. You’ll never have to look for a gas station:

© Rimi

11. You’ll discover that there’s more to life than just cats:

12. You’ll find a shortcut to Narnia:

Chronicles of Narnia: THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, NARNIA, and all book titles, characters and locales original thereto are trademarks of C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd.

13. Rainy days in low-lying areas will be cause for celebration:

14. You’ll make new friends:

15. Parking tickets will be a thing of the past:

16. Growing a beard will never be a problem:

17. Dinner will be a more civil affair:

18. You’ll never have to spend hours opening a package:

19. Your mop will do half the work for you:

20. You’ll have the coolest lawn:

21. You can stick it to the man:

22. And of course your goat will be the envy of all other goats:

We tip our hats to those who see things differently. MINI. NOT NORMAL.

©2012 MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC.

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