15 Creative Ways Dogs Get Our Attention

Dogs love attention. Here are a few tactics that our K9 friends use to get us humans to pour it on them, and if you really want to show your appreciation for your dog, give him a Milk-Bone.

1. They Sing Us Their Favorite Song

sylvar / Via Flickr: sylvar
ID: 1061417

2. They Do Yoga

Piddleville / Via Flickr: piddleville
ID: 1061099

3. They Bring Us Gifts

Jon Shave / Via Flickr: shavejonathan
ID: 1061154

4. They Pretend To Be Infirm

andreaaa_lovee / Via
ID: 1062851

5. They Get Their Licenses

Andrew Morrell Photography / Via Flickr: andrewmorrell
ID: 1063069

6. They Block Our Paths

izelorach / Via
ID: 1060691

7. They Change Their Hair

Ke Wynn / Via Flickr: kewynn
ID: 1063024

8. They Get Stuck In Our Clothes

ID: 1061217

9. They Play Hide And Seek With Themselves

scottdavis528 / Via
ID: 1062442

10. They Embark On A Spiritual Journey

WarmSleepy / Via Flickr: 33498942@N04
ID: 1061432

11. They Get In Things They Are Not Meant To Get Into

ktylerconk / Via Flickr: ktylerconk
ID: 1062965

12. They Pick Up A New Hobby

20after4 / Via Flickr: 20after4
ID: 1061451

13. They Stare

Sean Davis / Via Flickr: seandavis
ID: 1061491

14. They Re-Enact The Best Scene From “The Shining”

matt_benz / Via
ID: 1062491

15. They Watch Us Sleep

katesimpson749 / Via
ID: 1061219

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