10 Heartwarming Ways Dogs Greet Their People

Nothing’s better than a dog who’s happy to see you. Here are the best ways k-9s convey that they’ve missed us, and be sure to show your appreciation for your best friend with Milk-Bone.

1. Sometimes They Do “The Jump Around”

ID: 1035128

2. Or They Go In For “The Continuous Kiss”

ID: 1035242

3. Other Times, They Go The More Playful Route And Do The “This Will Teach You To Leave Me Again!”

ID: 1035466

4. Or They Just Have A Full-Blown “Meltdown”

ID: 1035530

5. “The Roundabout” Is Also Pretty Common

ID: 1035695

6. And Although “The Torpedo” Is Rare, It’s Very Effective

ID: 1035891

7. “The Lift” Is The Riskiest

ID: 1035910

8. “The Doubletime” Requires A Lot Of The Honoree

ID: 1035950

9. And “The Runaround” Is Very Flattering But Exhausting To Watch

ID: 1036106

10. But The Best Greeting Of All Is When They Skip All The Nonsense And Dive Right Into The Nuzzling

ID: 1036038

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