What It’s Like To Be An American In Japan

Personal account of a Half-Japanese girl.

1. People look at you like you’re a celebrity or alien…you’re not really sure which is more accurate

2. People ask you where you’re actually from

3. This thought goes through your head—“Am I actually fat? Have I been living a lie?!” (maybe this is a girl thing)

Let’s just say an American ‘S’ size and a Japanese ‘S’ size are quite different sizes…

4. People are fearful you don’t understand Japanese so they either:

1. Say nothing
2. Get a little embarrassed and try to talk to you in English…with a few Japanese words in there

5. When trying to decide where to eat, people ask you if you’re ok eating Japanese food

YES very much so.

6. People are amazed at your ability to speak any Japanese (especially true the less Japanese you look)

7. When they find out you’re from America, it’s like they’re awestruck

Top two questions asked:

‘So what is it like?’

‘What is it like to live with so much space?!’

8. You are the minority

9. Everyone is SO nice to you

10. And you realize how truly awesome it is to be an American in Japan

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