22 Reasons Monica And Chandler Were Born To Be Parents

Jack and Erica Bing are two very lucky kids.

1. They spent 10 years looking after Joey.

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2. Chandler won’t be afraid to say “no” when he needs to.

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3. Even before having kids Monica already sounded like a mom.

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4. They’ll have not two, but three moms to ask for parenting advice.

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5. They’ve already mastered that disapproving parent look.

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6. And the concerned parent look, too.

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7. Monica will do anything to make her kids feel better.

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8. And she’ll teach them the best dance moves.

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9. Seriously, the best dance moves.

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10. Chander’s no slouch in the dancing department either.

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11. Monica is a professional cook, so the kids will always eat well.

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12. And Chandler will be ultra attentive to their needs.

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13. They’ll model what it’s like to be in a healthy, loving relationship.

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14. Even if they can be pretty embarrassing at times.

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15. Their kids will rarely get sick because Monica is a clean freak.

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16. And Chandler will test their toys to see if they’re baby proof.

How else would we have known that Krog isn’t safe?

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17. Monica deeply understands the damage caused by sibling rivalry.

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18. And Chandler already loves to play pretend.

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19. They’ll be super understanding during their kids awkward phases.

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20. Chandler will encourage their kids to get really awesome pets.

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21. And Monica will encourage them to make bold fashion choices.

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22. But the biggest reason they’ll make terrific parents is the way they looked when they first met their babies.

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Yep. Their kids are pretty lucky.

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