27 Things Only People Who Grew Up Nerdy Understand

“Will there be any extra credit?”

1. You had a crush on someone who had absolutely no idea who you were.

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2. It’s a pretty fair bet you had a T-shirt with a math pun on it.

In fact, you enjoyed puns in all forms.

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3. P.E. was your idea of hell.

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4. This is how you reacted when your P.E. teacher announced you had a dancing unit.

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5. Nothing made you happier than getting your hands on one of these.

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6. You read so much, in fact, that your teacher gave you extra books to read at a higher reading level because you breezed through all of the ones at yours.

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7. Photos of you were unmistakable because of the sheer glint of braces and glasses.

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8. You spent at least one summer at an educational camp.

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It was probably a math, science, or language camp, but if you were #blessed you went to astronaut camp.

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9. Your parents made you watch PBS… and you LOVED IT!


Square One Television (especially “Mathnet”) made you deliriously happy.

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10. You had a crush on Bill Nye (or at least thought he was THE MAN).

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11. You were a proud Mathlete.

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12. You had Pi memorized out to forty places.

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13. If you were lucky you had at least one friend who was 100% on your nerd wavelength.

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14. The only time you watched ESPN was when the Spelling Bee was on.

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15. You were quick to raise your hand in class.

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16. And you always did the extra credit.

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17. Basically, you were the teacher’s pet… except when you corrected their grammar.

“Actually, Mrs. Stevenson, it would be ‘whom,’ not ‘who.’”

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18. You didn’t know any songs from the Top 40 because you listened to classical music.

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19. You bragged about all of the honors classes you were in.

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And if you were in a gifted program you totally dropped that into conversation too.

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20. When you watched Back To The Future you related more to George than Marty.

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21. You were probably really into something that the cool kids thought was lame.

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22. You made jokes that only grownups laughed at.

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23. Your parents tried to get you to fit in more, but you weren’t having it.


“I won’t suddenly be popular if I show up at the football game, mom!”

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24. On the rare occasion you did try to act cooler it never came off quite as well as it did in your mind.

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25. You read the encyclopedia for fun.

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26. You almost certainly enjoyed looking up words in the dictionary, too.

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27. Lastly, you knew that while growing up nerdy wasn’t always easy, things would get better.

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