19 Things You Should Never Say To A Working Parent

We don’t get paid enough to deal with your crap.

1. “Your house must be a mess!”

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Yup! We live in filth! Actually, we clean it after work and on the weekends, and no, it’s not easy.

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2. “You must really miss your kids when you’re at work.”

Of course we miss our kids. That’s why we put everything we have into the time we’re with them.

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3. “Don’t you feel like you’re missing out on everything?”

Everything? No. We may miss some things, but it’s not like kids only reach milestones during working hours.

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4. “Don’t you worry your kids will get sick at daycare?”

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No, I send them there in a giant, plastic bubble so it’s all good.

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5. “Did you see that Dateline about the daycare where the workers turned out to be sadistic nuts?”

I did. And every daycare center is exactly like that, of course.

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6. “I bet you’ll be glad to go back to work on Monday.”

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Riiiight. Because working parents can’t handle being around their kids.

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7. “You look so exhausted!”


Show me a parent who doesn’t.

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8. “I could never let someone else raise my kids.”

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No one else is raising our kids. We make the parenting decisions, we teach them right from wrong, and we sit through those God awful “Barney On Ice” live shows.

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9. “I wish I could hire someone to watch my kids!”

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Do you wish you could spend eight hours at my job too?

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10. “Your kid is acting out because he doesn’t get enough parenting.”

Because no kid with a stay-at-home parent has ever acted out.

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11. “Raising a child is the most important job there is.”

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I couldn’t agree more. But - shocker - not everyone does it the same way.

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12. “Why did you have kids if you have to work to afford them?”

First, get over yourself. Second, not every working parent has to work to afford their kids. Some work for personal fulfillment, to give back to others, and to set a good example for their children.

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13. “I don’t know how you do it. Don’t you feel guilty?”

Sometimes. But right now I feel a lot more guilty about eating that whole jar of Nutella after putting the kids to bed.

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14. “Do you think your kids miss you during the day?”

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No more than kids in school miss their parents.

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15. “You wouldn’t understand. You’re not with them all day.”


Ah, got it. So I guess those 128 hours a week I spend with my kids don’t count.

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16. “You should make some sacrifices so one of you can stay home.”

You mean like human sacrifices? Can I start with you?

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17. “I don’t understand how you could chose your career over your kids.”

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“We didn’t. We chose career AND kids.”

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18. “Have you heard of that study they did about kids in daycare?”

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You mean the one that says kids in quality daycare have increased cognitive and social skills?

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19. “You’re a great provider.”

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You know what else I am? A great parent.

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