19 Reasons You’re Over Having Your Kids Home For The Summer

When does school start again?

1. Your kids are constantly hungry.

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Your kids: “I’m hungry. What’s there to eat?”

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2. They’re also constantly fighting.

This goes way beyond sibling rivalry.

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3. You’ve tried — and failed miserably — at being the fun, crafty parent.

“That was fun. Right, kids? Right, kids?”

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4. You’ve also tried Pinterest’s “fun” summer activities and seriously regretted it.

Pinterest: “Put a tent in the backyard and have a fun campout under the stars!”
You: “I threw out my back and my kid got stung by a bee! Thanks, Pinterest!”

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5. You’ve gained ten pounds.

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You’ve become a little addicted to taking the kids out for ice cream… and ordering yourself a double scoop.

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6. You feel like the neighborhood kids have moved into your home.

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Most of the kids are sweethearts, but do they have to spend so much time at your house?

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7. You’ve spent way too much time online researching affordable things to do with your kids.


You were stoked to discover the free summer movie series at your local cineplex… until you ended up buying your kids popcorn, candy, and drinks. #SuddenlyExpensive

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8. Despite all your researching, your bank account has still taken a hit.

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Trips to the water park and arcade slipped in with all the free stuff, and now you need to take out a loan to pay for it all.

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9. Your kids dared to use the “B” word.

Warner Bros.

That’s right: “bored.” Even after you took them to the freaking water park.

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10. You’ve applied bottles and bottles of sunscreen.

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And yet your kids still got sunburned.

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11. You’ve had to listen to your kids whine that you didn’t go to Disneyland like the family down the street.

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Of course, if you did take your kids to Disneyland, then #7 is especially true for you.

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12. You’re now way, way behind on your own assignments and projects.


How are you supposed to get anything done with the kids around 24/7?

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13. Your kids won’t stop listening to the same songs, over and over and over.

Republic Records

We get it, kids! You really like Ariana Grande and that Iggy person!

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14. They won’t stop watching the same movies over and over either.

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Which means that you rarely get to watch anything you want on TV.

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15. You can’t run to the supermarket for one thing without taking the whole freaking family.


“No, you can’t get a toy. We just need tomatoes. Just tomatoes!”

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16. Your kids’ brains may or may not have turned to mush.

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This despite the fact you’ve tried like hell to engage them with books, math puzzles, discussions, you name it.

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17. Your laundry machine has gotten a workout… and so have you.

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Your kids get ten times as dirty when they don’t have to sit at a desk all day.

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18. Picking up after your kids is all you ever seem to do.

The summer has become an incredibly boring version of the movie Groundhog Day where all Bill Murray does is clean his house.

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19. You’re absolutely exhausted at the end of each day.

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Like “falling asleep standing up” tired.

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Of course, no matter how much you dream of this day…

It won’t be long before you can’t wait to have your kids back home next summer.

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