19 Parents Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Social Media

Just stop already.

1. Parents who create Facebook profiles for their babies and interact with them.

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2. Anyone who uploads a post-labor photo like this:

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3. And ESPECIALLY anyone who posts a photo of their placenta.

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4. Parents who only seem to post things to freak out other parents.

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99% of the time these things (like this one) are hoaxes. But thanks for giving everyone nightmares!

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5. Over sharers.

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Not every single thing that happens in a kid’s life needs to be shared. Especially when it’s nasty.

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6. Parents who are gleefully proud of their kids for acting like little a-holes.

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7. Parents who make it their to job let you know parenting isn’t that hard, y’all.

The tl/dr version of above: He’s a single dad raising two kids who says “this stuff is EASY!” What a special guy.

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8. Parents who update us on their kid’s bowel movements.

Poop news: my boys first splash down :)

— Christian Thomas (@xtian666)
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9. And (dear God help us) ESPECIALLY parents who think we want to see a photo of that crap.

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The caption is “Poop Skating,” people. POOP SKATING. (Gag, barf, wretch.)

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10. Parents who post videos to YouTube shaming their teenagers.


Think your teenage daughter is disrespectful? By all means upload an 8-minute video of yourself ranting and raving before you empty your gun into her laptop.

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11. Also, parents who post pictures shaming toddlers.

Um, the kid can’t even read the sign yet. Who exactly is this for?

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12. Parents who only post when they want to vent.

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I’m sure Leslie’s kid was an absolute angel at school who did nothing wrong whatsoever.

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13. Parents who act like nothing in the world is as important as having kids.

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14. The staged photographer.

They upload hundreds of “off the cuff, impromptu” shots, each of which they spent at least 20 minutes composing to look just so.

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15. Humblebraggers.

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16. Ridiculously over-the-top pregnant women.

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17. Sanctimommies.

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You hear that, Moms? Her delivery was better than yours!

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18. Creepy, creepy dads.

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19. And parents who post way, way too many photos of their kids.

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If even your avatar is a photo of your baby, it’s probably time to look in the mirror.

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For more parents who shouldn’t be allowed on social media, check out STFU, Parents, or buy the book.

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