19 Parents Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Social Media

Just stop already.

1. Parents who create Facebook profiles for their babies and interact with them.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

2. Anyone who uploads a post-labor photo like this:

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

3. And ESPECIALLY anyone who posts a photo of their placenta.

Facebook / Via stfuparents.com

4. Parents who only seem to post things to freak out other parents.

Facebook / Via gawker.com

99% of the time these things (like this one) are hoaxes. But thanks for giving everyone nightmares!

5. Over sharers.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

Not every single thing that happens in a kid’s life needs to be shared. Especially when it’s nasty.

6. Parents who are gleefully proud of their kids for acting like little a-holes.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

7. Parents who make it their to job let you know parenting isn’t that hard, y’all.

The tl/dr version of above: He’s a single dad raising two kids who says “this stuff is EASY!” What a special guy.

9. And (dear God help us) ESPECIALLY parents who think we want to see a photo of that crap.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

The caption is “Poop Skating,” people. POOP SKATING. (Gag, barf, wretch.)

10. Parents who post videos to YouTube shaming their teenagers.


Think your teenage daughter is disrespectful? By all means upload an 8-minute video of yourself ranting and raving before you empty your gun into her laptop.

11. Also, parents who post pictures shaming toddlers.

Um, the kid can’t even read the sign yet. Who exactly is this for?

12. Parents who only post when they want to vent.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

I’m sure Leslie’s kid was an absolute angel at school who did nothing wrong whatsoever.

13. Parents who act like nothing in the world is as important as having kids.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

14. The staged photographer.

They upload hundreds of “off the cuff, impromptu” shots, each of which they spent at least 20 minutes composing to look just so.

15. Humblebraggers.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

16. Ridiculously over-the-top pregnant women.

Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com

17. Sanctimommies.

Facebook / Via stfuparents.com

You hear that, Moms? Her delivery was better than yours!

18. Creepy, creepy dads.

Facebook / Via runt-of-the-web.com

19. And parents who post way, way too many photos of their kids.

Facebook / Via geeky-gadgets.com

If even your avatar is a photo of your baby, it’s probably time to look in the mirror.

For more parents who shouldn’t be allowed on social media, check out STFU, Parents, or buy the book.

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