The Most Creative Ways To Have A Drink This Summer

Having a drink doesn’t have to be simply ordinary. Check out some of the most creative ways to get your drink on this summer.

1. Walking On The Beach

ID: 377300

2. Sitting In The Stands

ID: 377305

3. When You’re On The “Phone”

ID: 377306

4. While You’re Seated

ID: 377312

5. From Your Shorts

ID: 377339

6. From Your Belly

ID: 377361

7. Out Of That Leftover Watermelon

ID: 377410

8. From Your Walking Aid

ID: 377689

9. While You’re On The Green

ID: 377431

10. Out Of Your “Rack”

ID: 377520

11. When You’re Taking Pictures

ID: 377630

12. When It’s Raining

ID: 377660

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