The DOs And DONT’s Of Getting Through Summer

Even if you are stuck working, the summer can still be awesome. Here are the dos and don’ts of having a killer two months.

1. DO: Build The Sickest Outdoor Water Slide

Don’t simply go to someone else’s water park. Build your own.

2. DO NOT: Land Like This

3. DO: Have Some Fun With Your Co Workers

It will make the day go by faster. Promise.

4. DO NOT: Let Them Catch You Red Handed

5. DO: Go On A Tour Of Your City’s Food Trucks

In New York, here are some trucks you should definitely be checking out:

Gorilla Cheese Truck
Rickshaw Dumpling Truck
Street Sweets Truck
Dim Sum Truck
Bistro Truck
Schnitzel and Things

6. DO NOT: Buy Ice Cream From This Truck

8. DO NOT: Do It Wrong

9. DO: Check Out One Of The Hundreds Of Awesome Summer Music Festivals

Like Pitchfork Music Festival, which is happening at Chicago’s Union Park on July 13-15.

10. DO NOT: Listen To Call Me Maybe

Or her new song.

11. DO: Take Photos Of Your Awesome Adventures

12. DO NOT: Instagram Pictures Of Your Awkward Sunburn

13. DO: Grab A Cold One

14. DO NOT: Eat This Burger

15. DO: Take Your Game To The Next Level

Summer time calls for summer sports, so why not take that weekend kickball game to the next level? Step it up a notch with Water Zorbing.

16. DO NOT: Wear Crocs


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