This Is What Happens When Guys Read Cosmo Sex Tips

They never guessed that donuts and pepper could be used this way.

1. So, do guys find Cosmopolitan Magazine’s sex tips appealing? We decided to find out.

ID: 2458660

2. First the guys read the tips out loud.

“It” being a glazed donut, of course.

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3. Then they gave us their genuine reactions.

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4. Most guys didn’t like the “sprinkle pepper under his nose right before he climaxes” suggestion.

ID: 2458805

5. They attempted to figure out the strategy behind “jiggle the balls like you’re shaking dice in a cup.”

ID: 2458951

But who doesn’t, let’s be real.

ID: 2458974

7. And some tips were a little too creative for their own good.

ID: 2459012

9. When it was all said and done, the guys had one take away…

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