• Pizza Planet (Toy Story)

    Pizza Planet (Toy Story)

    Such a high-tech and futuristic family restaurant. Such broken down delivery trucks. (Image via)

  • Paisanos (Seinfeld)

    Paisanos (Seinfeld)

    Better known for their calzones. (Image via)

  • Family Bros. Pizza (Futurama)

    Family Bros. Pizza (Futurama)

    Available toppings include silt, asbestos, flaming magnesium, stucco, scarab, and guano. (Image via)

  • Shakey’s (South Park)

    Shakey's (South Park)

    The only fictional eatery to ever clone itself using stem cell duplication. (Image via)

  • Cosa Nostra Pizza (Snow Crash)

    Cosa Nostra Pizza (Snow Crash)

    Best fake restaurant from a cyberpunk novel. Proudly serving the Valley Burbclaves. (Image via)

  • Pizza-Face Pizza (Rocko’s Modern Life)

    Pizza-Face Pizza (Rocko's Modern Life)

    This pizza place was run by a bunch of derelicts and an elephant. Their delivery guy was named Mr. Onion Head. (Image via)

  • Nemo’s (Everybody Loves Raymond)

    Nemo's (Everybody Loves Raymond)

    (Image via)

  • Sal’s Famous (Do The Right Thing)

    Sal's Famous (Do The Right Thing)

    Danny Aiello looks like he knows how to sling some dough. This is probably the pizza place I’d like to eat at the most, Sal’s racist sentiment aside. (Image via)

  • The Well Stacked Pizza (Grand Theft Auto)

    The Well Stacked Pizza (Grand Theft Auto)

    (Image via)

  • Senor Pizza (Loverboy)

    Senor Pizza (Loverboy)

    The delivery boys here earn a meager existence, but there are other perks (mostly sexual). (Image via)