11 Photos Of Whitey Bulger Totally Having A Blast

Lawyers for James ‘‘Whitey’’ Bulger released photos of the infamous mobster hanging out with parrots, a goat, and relaxing at the beach as part of his defense.

1. Whitey and girlfriend Teresa Stanley with a pair of parrots

ID: 1450956

2. Whitey with his shirt off at the beach

ID: 1450977

3. Whitey wearing a robe with girlfriend Catherine Creig’s dogs

ID: 1450984

4. Whitey with a baby goat

ID: 1450989

5. Whitey and the Stanley Cup

ID: 1450964

6. Whitey checking out the landing gear of an airplane

ID: 1451026

7. Whitey with Catherine and her dogs, wearing dad jeans

ID: 1451033

8. Whitey in a white suit

ID: 1451035

9. Whitey hanging out with the dogs again

ID: 1451047

10. A young Whitey wearing a tank top

ID: 1451054

11. Whitey sitting next to a priest who was defrocked for sexually abusing boys, Boston.com reports.

ID: 1451067

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