People Are Tweeting That The Red Sox Are Winning The World Series Because Of The Boston Marathon Bombing

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Umpire Jim Joyce calls Red Sox’s Jonny Gomes safe on a three-run double by Shane Victorino during the third inning of World Series Game 6 in Boston.

Cardinals vs Boston game is FIXED! Boston will win because of the Boston Massacre, just like Yankees won for 911, etc. #CardinalNation

Idk why yall suprised we losin, Boston had the bombing nsht. Yall know how it goes

Cards aren't done yet, but sometimes destiny isn't in your favor. Saints win SB after Katrina, Yankees win WS after 9/11.

The Cardinals are just letting the Red Sox win because of the Boston marathon Bombing. Too soon?

Hurricane Katrina=Saints Superbowl. Kevin Ware breaks leg=Louisville Nat.Champs. Boston marathon bombing=Red Sox world series. #coincidence?

After 9/11 Yankees win it all, after Hurricane Katrina Saints win it all, now after the Boston bombing Red Sox about to win it all #Fixed

12. Wow. Just wow.

I know people will take offense to this, but if someone bombed the World Series parade I really wouldn't care.

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