Mike’s Favorite Buzz Of 2011

My favorite meme, favorite Twitter trending topic, favorite Ron Swanson moment and a load more 2011 favorites! posted on

1. Favorite Meme: Horsemaning

2. Favorite Video: Thumbs Up And Rock N’ Roll

3. Favorite Photo: Not All Vancouverites Prefer Rioting To Love

4. Favorite Ernest Hemingway Honorarium

25 Photos Of Ernest Hemingway Partying

5. Favorite Ron Swanson Moment: Every Ron Swanson Food Moment

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6. Favorite Office Voyeur Moment: Office Fridges

7. Favorite GIF: The Perfect ’90s GIF

8. SIDE NOTE: Boy Meets World Is Awesome Every Year

9. Favorite Decision That BuzzFeed Did Not Accept: The People’s Sexiest Man Of 2011

10. Favorite Twitter Trending Topic: #2011regrets

11. Favorite Neil Gaiman Moment

Tweeting in defense of the Occupy Wall Street library, which was almost destroyed.

12. Favorite Halloween Costume: Fully-Functional Nikon Camera

13. Favorite Hipster: Hipster Cop

14. Favorite Bros: Scared Bros

15. Favorite Montage: The NBA’s Opening Day Montage

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