Connecticut Mayor Wages Courageous One-Man Twitter War Against Not-Quite-Rampaging Bear

Bear on the loose in Danbury, Conn.? Not on Mayor Mark Boughton’s watch.

1. It began around 8 a.m. this morning…

2. So did the puns…

3. A BEAR had found its way in to one of the several bajillion trees in tranquil Connecticut! Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton is determined to keep his community abreast of the situation.

5. As tactful as he is brave, Mayor Boughton sends a quick reminder to the animal that the people of Danbury and the bear all want the same peaceful ending to this.

Another shot from Danbeary. Our bear. #Danbury #bear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

7. The media arrives. Tension builds. Hearts pound. #NOTMAKINGITUP

TV News Helicopters have arrived overhead. #savethebear #notmakingitup

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

A bear still up a tree at the corner of Wooster and Main Street Danbury have PD and DEEP officials at bay.

— NewsEyeFoxCt (@Alan Chaniewski)

9. And then the situation escalates…

Tranquilizer gun has now arrived. We're in a standoff of biblical proportions. Bear versus DEEP. #savethebear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

DEEP is loading up tranquilizer gun. It's on like donkey kong. #savethebear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

The net. DEEP vs. The Bear. #Danbury #savethebear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

Bear is climbing down. This is not good. Gunshot by DEEP.

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

We now have a stand off. Bear versus DEEP. #savethebear #Danbury

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

15. SHOTS!

Shots fired. Shots fired. #savethebear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

Trouble, he needs another shot of tranquilizer. Unbearable! #savethebear

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)


Bear with me folks. Waiting for the tranquilizer to work. #savethebear #Danbeary

— MayorMark (@MayorMark)

18. And then, it’s over. Boughton gets his mayoral pic with the bear.

.@MayorMark posing with the bear.

— ljanyNT (@Libor Jany)

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