“In The Way” Guy Is The New Meme Where This Guy Ruins Every Photo

Dude, get out of the shot!

1. The original photo of this awkward white nerd ruining a beautiful moment.

ID: 1404780

2. Ruining this photo of a sailor kissing a woman in Times Square after hearing Japan surrendered, effectively ending World War II.

ID: 1404797

3. And the most iconic album cover in rock ‘n’ roll history.

ID: 1404805

4. And this brave moment in Tianamen Square.

ID: 1404811

5. He ruined that time Kanye tried to Kanye Taylor Swift.

ID: 1404824

6. As well as this photo documenting the siege on Normandy in 1944.

ID: 1404836

7. He got in the way at Obama’s second inauguration. Look how disgusted Boehner is with “In The Way” guy.

ID: 1404862

8. “Really, bloke?” – Wills

ID: 1404922

9. Spoiler aler… wait, nope.

ID: 1404933
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