“Hernandezing” Is The Stupid New Meme About An Accused Killer That Nobody Asked For

People imitating Aaron Hernandez’s arrest photo and selfie with a gun probably shouldn’t be a thing.

1. Following former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez’s arrest for suspected murder and various gun charges Wednesday, TMZ published this photo of Hernandez taking a selfie while holding a Glock pistol.

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2. The internet reacted, as the internet does. Hmmm. I guess it’s kind of clever… with fake guns.

Christian Hardy



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Jacquelyn Hall


Yup hopped on that trend liked this better then the other one #Hernandezing #AaronHernandez

ID: 1311986

4. Oh…no…

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5. A toy gun. Still.



#Hernandezing @NFLRT @NFL_Stats @nflnetwork @NFL

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6. A photo of Hernandez being arrested at his North Attleboro, Mass. home yesterday also caught the internet’s attention because, hey, where are his arms?

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7. That’s right. There are two versions of this meme. They’re both pretty yikes.

FIRST #tebowing NOW #hernandezing

— Paco (@BasedPaco)



FIRST #tebowing NOW #hernandezing

” />

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Oh no #Hernandezing is actually a thing?!?

— Marykate Sinnott (@missmk116)

Marykate Sinnott


Oh no #Hernandezing is actually a thing?!?

ID: 1311980

#Hernandezing at work. @NickRico23

— Ryan Daly (@RDaly02)

Ryan Daly


#Hernandezing at work. @NickRico23

ID: 1311981

Screw #Tebowing its all about #Hernandezing!! W/ @JohnMoug

— Eric Bean Dionne™ (@Beanx1075)

Eric Bean Dionneâ„¢


Screw #Tebowing its all about #Hernandezing!! W/ @JohnMoug

ID: 1311983

The latest craze! U heard of Tebowing & Ta'oing well... How bout Hernandezing! #Hernandezing

— My Atmosphere (@bedepp)

My Atmosphere


The latest craze!

U heard of Tebowing & Ta’oing well…

How bout Hernandezing!


ID: 1312081

13. When you consider the other kind of Hernandezing, which involves holding up a gun to imitate a guy who allegedly murdered another guy using a gun, this almost seems palatable.

@sportspickle my mom wanted to get in on this #hernandezing craze

— Jeff Olin (@JOlinOfficial)

Jeff Olin


@sportspickle my mom wanted to get in on this #hernandezing craze

ID: 1313367

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