Brazilian Protesters And Riot Police Clash In São Paulo Just Hours Before World Cup Kickoff

At least five people have been injured, according to local police Developing…

1. Troops clashed with protesters in the streets of São Paulo this morning, just hours before the opening match of the World Cup.

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AP Photo/Nelson Antoine
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3. At least five people were injured during the clash, according to Sao Paulo police. The BBC reports at least one protester was arrested.

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AP Photo/Nelson Antoine
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5. The demonstrators were protesting the millions of dollars that Brazil has spent on the World Cup, arguing the money should have been spent on improving public services.

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6. Video footage from the BBC appears to show riot police using teargas against protesters, arresting one person.

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São Paulo police taking part in a final World Cup security briefing -

— World Cup 2014 (@WorldCupPosts)
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Riot troops here at Carrão in São Paulo. Tear gas has been deployed on some #worldcup protesters.

— Ben Tavener (@BenTavener)
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Police aiming rubber bullet rifles straight protesters & press #saopaulo

— Piers Scholfield (@inglesi)
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This is happening in Sao Paulo #Brazil right now. #WorldCup #WorldCup2014 #ComeOnEngland

— Charlotte Meredith (@chmeredith)
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Tense scene in São Paulo this morning as police disperse protesters w/ tear gas.

— Simon Romero (@viaSimonRomero)
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#AgoraSP Manifestantes protestam contra #Copa2014 próximo ao metrô Carrão, zona leste de São Paulo. Evite o local!

— SBT Jornalismo (@sbtjornalismo)
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Aerial shot of protesters in São Paulo. Tweets reads: “Protesters against the World Cup near Carrao subway. Avoid the area!”

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Sao Paulo: Police pepper spraying anti-World protester already on the ground. Totally unnecessary. Photo: g1

— Kety Shapazian (@KetyBrazil)
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15. A CNN crew was hurt while covering the protest.

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CNN's @ShastaCNN has been injured and is bleeding after police used stun grenades on protesters

— Ben Tavener (@BenTavener)
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Correction. Person hurt is CNN producer Barbara Arvanitidis. Lots of confusion here. Tear gas and stun grenades

— Ben Tavener (@BenTavener)
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Here's that injured CNN journalist, Barbara Arvanitidis, as per @MidiaNINJA & @davidbutter

— Annemarie Dooling (@TravelingAnna)
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Gash on my left arm after being hit by a police canister. CNN team back covering @ShastaCNN #CNNWorldCup

— Barbara Arvanitidis (@Arvanb01)
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Con esto le tiran a los manifestantes en Sao Paulo ahora.

— Adrian Bono (@AdrianBono)
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Tweet reads: “This is what protesters are getting thrown in Sao Paulo right now.”

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Otra foto de los que ocurre en Sao Paulo en estos momentos

— Walter Safarian (@waltersafarian)
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Tweet reads: “Another image of what’s happening in Sao Paulo right now.”

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AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
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AP Photo/Nelson Antoine
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AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
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AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
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AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
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29. A protester holds a sign that reads in Portuguese “There won’t be a Cup!”

AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
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They are bringing in mounted police to quell protest. Protesters are calling the police repressors. #WorldCup2014

— Lulu Garcia-Navarro (@lourdesgnavarro)
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Meanwhile, soccer fans are arriving at the Itaquerão soccer stadium for the opening match. Photo: g1 #WorldCup

— Kety Shapazian (@KetyBrazil)
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