Big Freedia Just Set The Twerking World Record

Yes, there is a Guinness World Record for “Most Twerkers Twerking,” and as of today rapper Big Freedia now holds the title.

1. This is Big Freedia. As you can see, she is quite proficient at twerking.

ID: 1697738

2. So she invited hundreds of her friends to meet up in Herald Square in New York City for some record-setting booty shaking!

ID: 1697422

3. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!

ID: 1698140

4. Did Freedia’s twerk army get the record? The official twerk results are in…

ID: 1697229

5. WoooOOOooo! It’s a new Guinness World Record!

Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed
ID: 1697269

6. Hail your new twerk queen, twerk disciples!

Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed
ID: 1697272

7. Awwww, Big Freedia’s mom came up from New Orleans for the event!

Mike Hayes / BuzzFeed
ID: 1697277

8. This nice, twerking older lady also came out to bounce!

Sami Promisloff / BuzzFeed
ID: 1697869

9. And this New Yorker, “Leroy,” a unicorn illustrator, skipped work to twerk with Big Freedia on her record-setting day.

ID: 1697101

10. Set Guinness World Twerk Record, check. Throw shade at Miley Cyrus, check.

ID: 1697638

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