Your Favorite Websites’ Office Fridges

A collection of photos from offices stocking dangerous amounts of hummus, champagne, seltzer water, marinade, and other weird provisions in their fridge. There’s at least one office featured with bigger “tupperware issues” than your office. posted on

The abysmal fridge of Holy Taco’s Managing Editor Ian Fortey, who “keeps the bags handy in case I need to choke out an assailant.”

The Playboy fridge, and one of the several thousand Hef bobbleheads kicking around the office.

The fridge at Team Coco’s HQ in LA. Looks like the staff’s hot sauce needs are being taken care of.

The How About We fridge. Early front-runner for Most Hummus.

The home fridge of’s Cajun Boy. Craft beer and organic milk, he must be well paid.

This is National Lampoon’s fridge. They would like to add: “Hey, sorry for partying.”

The Week’s terrifying tupperware explosion fridge.

The freezer of Rosa Golijan,

The Death+Taxes office fridge. 16 types of milk for coffee - most of them bad - and barely any food.

The glowing fridge at the Hello Giggles office.

The National Post’s fridge. One of three, actually.

The Shutterstock office fridge. Wonder who’s giant hand that is protruding from their freezer?

The Washington Post Express office fridge. They should designate a condiment drawer.

The RecordSetter fridge. They just got it, so it’s only stocked with the essentials (Budweiser).

The OMGICU fridge. I’ve seen them eat those giant raw carrots, it’s terrifying.

The NewsBeast fridge at the Newsweek/The Daily Beast office. I’ve seen what they do with those full heads of lettuce, it’s also terrifying.

Huffington Post’s fridge, c/o HuffPost Comedy.

The AM New York fridge/mini-fridge/microwave dojo.

The L Magazine’s Budweiser survival storage area, also known as their fridge. (Also, nice goose.) and Nerve’s shared collection of milk and few other things I want.

I find it hard to believe that Flavorpill needs this much marinade.

VH1’s fridge. If you can’t find the right milk you require for your coffee, you get fired.

The door of the Slate fridge, where they keep the good stuff.

The fridge at the Business Insider office. Frank’s Red Hot, respect.

Bonus image! The Business Insider freezer door!

The Today Show fridge. I recommend a nice six pack of Schweppes Seltzer for that open space on the second shelf next to the KLG and Hoda mug.

The Serious Eats fridge. Yes, champagne. And yes, that Kris Jenner’s book in the Today Show’s fridge.’s NYC office. Yeah, they’re having refrigerator space issues.

The home office fridge of Village Voice writer Jen Doll. She highly recommends refrigerating your Triscuits.

I’d be afraid to pull anything off the top shelf of the Reuters office fridge.

The Daily’s fridge. That’s how you do a condiment drawer.

And last, but certainly not least, the BuzzFeed fridge. Look at how neat, practical and marvelous it is! Contains the appropriate assortment of milk and the appropriate assortment of domestic beers. Also, fun fact: We go through on average 600 cans of Schweppes Seltzer, per month.

The abysmal fridge of Holy Taco’s Managing Editor Ian Fortey, who “keeps the bags handy in case I need to choke out an assailant.”

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