30 People Who Weren’t On The Same Page

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1. These musicians celebrating their rad sweaters.

ID: 1082729

2. These soccer players who aren’t used to using their hands.

ID: 1082776

3. These gamers who desperately need a strategy guide on How To High Five.

ID: 1084126

4. These TV judges who are in no position to judge anyone right about now.

ID: 1083089

5. These sports commentators who probably wish you would cut to commercial.

ID: 1083461

6. This overzealous show host who probably should’ve been paying more attention.

ID: 1082802

7. This guy who didn’t even want a handshake, nope, just had an itchy nose this entire time.

ID: 1082929

8. This fellow who really should’ve seen it coming.

ID: 1082782

9. These bros who just can’t make up their dang minds.

ID: 1083266

10. These gameshow contestants who’re too overcome with emotion to care.

ID: 1084146

11. These sports fans who, quite frankly, have no excuse.

ID: 1083668

12. This basketballer who wasn’t even close.

ID: 1084105

13. This unsuspecting sod who, admit it, you totally sympathize with.

ID: 1083418

14. This coach who’s making the most out of an awkward situation. On live TV.

ID: 1083019

15. These desert island survivors who should probably just go home already.

ID: 1084786

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