12 GIFs That Are Better Faster

Faster is better. And you know what’s really quick? The new MSN. It’s 4x faster* than other top sites at delivering the stories everyone will be talking about. See what’s new on MSN. Here are the funniest GIFS sped up and made a million times better.

*Applies to MSN for Windows 8.

ID: 1134835

1. Nom-ing bananas is way more fun!

ID: 1076590

2. Swinging makes you feel like Superman.

ID: 1076642

3. Work gets done in half the time!

Inglorious Basterds, Universal Pictures / Via cruelvitoria.blogspot.com
ID: 1076656

4. Household chores are a piece of cake!

ID: 1076644

5. Build more muscle faster!

ID: 1076647

6. Dubstep!!!

ID: 1076691

7. Even exercise!

ID: 1076943

8. And sit-ups!

ID: 1076668

9. Birthdays are so epic and exciting when they are lightning speed!

ID: 1079126

10. Never be late again!

ID: 1076999

11. And cleaning can be fun…when it’s sped up!

ID: 1076588

12. Everything is fun and amazing!

ID: 1076744

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