10 Things That Will Make Your Day

Having a rough day? Here’s 10 recent viral hits that will lift your spirits, presented by Hotmail. And with Hotmail’s new graymail features, you can simplify your inbox and make sure you never miss an important email or cute cat again.

1. “Texts From A Dog”

Oh, so you weren’t aware dogs could text? Neither were we until this hilarious tumblr went viral.

2. Cats Imitating Art

Cats and art? A truly viral combination.

3. This Man and His “Bear” Best Friend

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend, but what about bears? Here’s one viral video that shows us best friends can come in all shapes and sizes. Get ready for the big awwwwwwww!

4. The Fact That Your Princess Diana Beanie Baby Is Now Worth $2 Million

Did you happen to throw away your Princess Diana Beanie Baby? Along with this purple bean filled bear, check out some other toys that are now worth a small fortune.

5. This Cat Trying On Sunglasses

A cat more stylish than Rihanna? Internet gold.

6. Hillary Clinton’s Witty Texts

Hillary Clinton was busy sending some pretty awesome text messages this week. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one, check them out right here.

7. The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Haven’t heard of Zeddie Little? Last week, he started going viral. Now he’s made it to morning television! Here’s a clip of Zeddie looking super suave on GMA.

9. This Slow Loris Being Tickled

Having trouble focusing? This viral post will be sure help you get things done.

10. These Awesome Twitter Hacks

What’s more awesome than a list of tweets that can actually break Twitter? Here’s the key to the internet in 140 characters.

11. The Meme That Perfectly Describes Your Relationship With Your Cat

Finally, a meme that perfectly describes the love/hate relationship you have with your cat, Gwenevieve. It’s no wonder this post is going viral.

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