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    • michellev11

      I’m just curious if everybody who was watching Saturday’s SNL was doing so with their eyes closed. While it was nice to see all the actual, iconic comedians in the5timers club, it wasaterrible regurgitation of Tom Hanks’s original bit. Among the horrible recycling they did in that episode was that shtick where he dresses up as food and sings like an asshole, hamming it up and ending with the overkill of the Harlem shake. That wasn’t the only embarrassment of the episode, but thankfully there were some nice saves from the ladies of the season doing the Nuvobling commercial and the hilarious Moet and Chandon porn star sketch.Iwatched through my hands, horror style as they peddled out an almost 40 year old ‘Wild and Crazy Guys’ sketch which was completely cringeworthy. Why are we giving JT another episode when there are so many other more worthy comedians and actors who are more relevant (Lena Dunham, Key and Peele, and any of the Workaholic kids)?? Ugh SNL,Ijust can’t with you.