The 12 Essential Expressions Of Australia’s New Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd has been sworn in as Australia’s prime minister and he loves to talk with his hands!

1. Raise The ROOF!

ID: 1310820

2. Is Rudd speaking French?

ID: 1310848

3. Question please…..!

ID: 1310834

4. Rock On Prime Minister!

ID: 1310837

5. “The Sarah Palin”

ID: 1310838


ID: 1310840

7. Rudd shows off his Jedi mind tricks:

ID: 1310844

8. “The Fonzie”

ID: 1310845

9. Peace, yo!

ID: 1310851

10. No really, peace, yo!

ID: 1310852

11. Keepin It Real G!

ID: 1310862

12. Australia Wants YOU!

ID: 1310832

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