California Amber Alert Extended To Other States And Twitter Freaks Out

An Amber Alert for two missing San Diego County children was extended to Oregon, Washington, and Nevada on Wednesday after a car they may be traveling in was spotted in southern Oregon. The kids were allegedly kidnapped by James Lee DiMaggio and may be in a blue Nissan Versa with license plate number 6WCU986. posted on

My iPhone started screaming and showed me this Amber alert. This is new... Is everyone getting this?

All jokes aside why did I get an amber alert from Cali? I live in Washington. And no one is gonna leave Cali for Washington. Lets be honest.

I've never gotten an amber alert on my phone before and it just scared me so bad

Amber alert while alone in the stock room....scared the shit out of me

I forgot how terrifying that Amber Alert noise is. Everyone's phone just blew up at the same time.

Am I the only person that got that amber alert thing bc it freaked me out

You guys I match the description and I have the same name of the girl on the Amber Alert. But no it's okay I haven't been kidnapped.

I didn't know they did this. My phone blared a very loud alert and up popped an Amber Alert. #AmberAlert #fb

Just got my first amber alert. Whoa. But it was in California, so idk why I would get it...

The Amber alert that came out a little while ago is sad and hope she's ok but proves the government controls cell phones

Jay didn't get an Amber Alert on his phone. He's all offended! Lol 😄


Bout to send out an amber alert for the remote. Ain't nobody seen it since last week b.

How come I didn't get an AMBER Alert! I feel left out! I didn't even know this was going on!

It's sad that there's an amber alert, but I think it's very cool that I get the alert on my phone. #techwinning

Information About The Amber Alert:

37. Hannah and Ethan were last seen in California on August 3:

38. Information on James DiMaggio:

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