BuzzFeed Was On Jeopardy! And The Internet Felt Really Smart

Did you dominate the “I Saw It On BuzzFeed” category on Jeopardy! tonight? posted on

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Did you catch today's I Saw It On @BuzzFeed category?

Jeopardy has a category labeled 'I saw it on @BuzzFeed' and I am SO ready to conquer it.

@BuzzFeed has its own category on @Jeopardy right now. I spend so much time on that site, I better get all the questions right!

"I saw it on @Buzzfeed"-Jeopardy category. I plan on owning each and every question in this category.

@BuzzFeed category on @Jeopardy. I feel like a cyber procrastinator and trivia geek all rolled into one.

@Buzzfeed was a category on Jeopardy tonight and for the first time I was able to prove to my parents that I understand current events.

I got all the @BuzzFeed answers on @Jeopardy. Get outta the way, actual smart people. I'll win on this show someday.

Love when I get an answer right on @Jeopardy the contestants didn't get. I mean, yea, it was the @BuzzFeed category...but, still.

19. Test your knowledge on the “I Saw It on BuzzFeed” category featured on Jeopardy!

20. Excellent work, people of the internet:

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