21 Thoughts Every Guy Has While Scrolling Through Jack’d

“Maybe I am destined to be forever alone.”

1. “This guy is attractive and has a decent profile, but how does one spark a conversation exactly?!”

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2. “I’ll just say ‘Hi’ and we’ll go from there.”

3. “Yes! I just got a new message.”

4. “Oh, false alarm. It’s just some random guy who’s located 15,000 miles away.”

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5. “He’s been online for an hour and still hasn’t responded to my message.”

6. “OK, actually, I’m just going to message someone else.”

7. “Sir, why are you trying to converse with me with a faceless profile?”

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8. “Wait, what exactly do you mean by ‘straight-acting only?’”

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9. “Come again? You’re not ‘into’ black guys?”

10. “So you’re just not interested in people of color at all?”

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11. “Well, that’s your loss, pal.”

12. “There has to be a direct correlation between your massive list of dating requirements and your level of insecurity.”

13. “Could you at least take me to dinner first?”

14. “Why are you even on this site if we have to be discreet?”

15. “Um, please hurry and unlock your pics.”

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16. “Wow. I didn’t know he was out of the closet. Good for him.”

17. “I thought this conversation was going in a different direction.”

18. “I’m confused. Why is your profile picture some weird meme?”

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19. “Please stop messaging me. If I was interested, I’d start responding.”

20. “Oh yes, unsolicited nudes. I am so happy about this.”

21. “I’m deleting this app.”

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