21 Thoughts Every Guy Has While Scrolling Through Jack’d

“Maybe I am destined to be forever alone.”

1. “This guy is attractive and has a decent profile, but how does one spark a conversation exactly?!”

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2. “I’ll just say ‘Hi’ and we’ll go from there.”

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3. “Yes! I just got a new message.”

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4. “Oh, false alarm. It’s just some random guy who’s located 15,000 miles away.”

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5. “He’s been online for an hour and still hasn’t responded to my message.”

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6. “OK, actually, I’m just going to message someone else.”

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7. “Sir, why are you trying to converse with me with a faceless profile?”

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8. “Wait, what exactly do you mean by ‘straight-acting only?’”

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9. “Come again? You’re not ‘into’ black guys?”

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10. “So you’re just not interested in people of color at all?”

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11. “Well, that’s your loss, pal.”

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12. “There has to be a direct correlation between your massive list of dating requirements and your level of insecurity.”

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13. “Could you at least take me to dinner first?”

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14. “Why are you even on this site if we have to be discreet?”

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15. “Um, please hurry and unlock your pics.”

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16. “Wow. I didn’t know he was out of the closet. Good for him.”

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17. “I thought this conversation was going in a different direction.”

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18. “I’m confused. Why is your profile picture some weird meme?”

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19. “Please stop messaging me. If I was interested, I’d start responding.”

ID: 3288053

20. “Oh yes, unsolicited nudes. I am so happy about this.”

ID: 3288098

21. “I’m deleting this app.”

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