17 Signs You’re Just Not An Animal Lover

“No, doggie, please stay far away from me.”

1. You fail to see the supposed cuteness of most pets 90% of the time.

Like, I guess your cat is adorable? I guess.

ID: 3290367

2. This is you whenever one of your friends asks you to pet their animal:

ID: 3290376

3. Whenever a cat or dog grazes your leg you’re just like:

ID: 3290389

4. When people debate about any four-legged, beaked, or whiskered creature you’re just like:

ID: 3290403

5. You are ambivalent when it comes to famous cats of the internet.

ID: 3290409

6. Whenever a pet owner thinks it’s cute that their cat or dog killed a bird and the animal brings it back to them…

ID: 3290540

7. This picture would make an animal lover convulse with happiness, but it makes a non-animal lover feel nothing.

ID: 3290416

8. You find yourself agreeing with people that an animal is “adorbs” just so the topic at hand can move on to something else.

OK, I agree…OK? Let’s talk about something else now.

ID: 3290424

9. Most of your contempt for animals could be attributed to a bad memory from your childhood.

Like, maybe a cat scratched you really bad or maybe a dog bit you.

ID: 3290427

10. If you have allergies and you’re around a pet, be prepared to sneeze non-stop.

ID: 3290477

11. When someone puts clothes on an animal:

NBC / Via teen.com
ID: 3290432

12. When you’re at someone’s house and the dog just won’t stop barking.

Disney / Via pilotcommsgroup.com

Is it that serious, dog?

ID: 3290442

13. Additionally, there’s a scary moment when a dog licks their owners face and you’re just sure the dog is about to kill them.

NBC / Via hypable.com
ID: 3290570

14. You feel uncomfortable when someone says an animal is their “best friend.”

*insert side-eye here*

ID: 3290455

15. You just don’t even know what to do when someone says they love animals more than their own family.

ID: 3290527

16. You think they smell so bad, even when they’re “clean.”

Warner Bros. / Via inonit.in
ID: 3290451

17. And lastly, once you decide to break your silence on not being too fond of animals, this is the look you get:

Fox / Via vogueent.com


ID: 3290561

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