10 Questions You Shouldn’t Ever Ask A Gay Guy

Just no.

1. “So, which one of you is the girl in the relationship?”

Seriously? Neither of us are women. We’re both guys. Duh.

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2. “Don’t you know the Bible condemns your lifestyle?”

Hey, do us all a favor and never open your mouth again.

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3. “Have you ever tried dating a girl?”

LOL. Er, no. And I’m only speaking from personal experience, but even still, do you think if we tried to date a girl we’d be straight?

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4. “Do you want to be a woman?”

OK. Just because we date the same sex doesn’t necessarily mean we want to be women. And if we did want to be women, would this be an issue?

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5. “When did you choose to be gay?”

Um, when did you choose your sexual orientation? Oh, you don’t remember? Neither do we!

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6. “You’re really cute for a gay guy, ya know?”

Are we supposed to look like we’ve escaped from The Island of Dr. Moreau?

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7. “Aren’t you afraid you’re gonna get HIV?”

Ugh. We’d appreciate it if you didn’t make sweeping generalizations about LGBTQIA culture. Stop.

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8. “Like, I have no problem with your gayness, but why are you so effeminate?”

Because we can be. Anything else?

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9. “Do you think that this is just a phase?”

Ermahgerd. Are you serious? No, this is not a phase.

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10. “Aren’t all gays supposed to have a great sense of fashion?”

Not all gay men dress well. Some of us actually don’t even care about fashion that much.

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This is just a start, but now you can ask your LGBT friends appropriate questions.

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