The Reese Witherspoon Arrest Video Reenacted By Characters From Her Movies

By now we all know that the best film of the year by far is the Reese Witherspoon dashboard cam arrest video. But in case you missed it, here now for a dramatic reenactment of that night is Reese herself, as various characters from her movies.

After a long day of work filming in Atlanta, Reese and husband Jim Toth decide to go out for a glass of wine….

ID: 1135578

One drink turns into a few more…

ID: 1135646

…and a few more…

ID: 1135648

But after awhile Reese and Jim feel sober and clear-headed enough to get into their rental car and drive off…

ID: 1135652

…but oh noes! There’s a cop!

ID: 1135655

The officer has Jim get out of the car to take a sobriety test. Seeing that Jim can’t even walk a straight line, Reese decides to get out of the car to interject….

ID: 1135658

“Do you know my name?” Reese asks the officer…

ID: 1135660

Despite the fact that Reese is an Oscar winner, the officer does not in fact know her name…

ID: 1135663

Unhappy about this, Reese gets a little verbally aggressive with the officer…

ID: 1135666

Uh oh… the officer is not impressed. He tells her that he’s going to arrest her too…

ID: 1135687

“But I’m an American citizen,” Reese explains to the officer….

ID: 1135668

Panicking, Reese tries every trick she can think of to charm her way out of this predicament…

ID: 1135670

…including fibbing about being pregnant…

ID: 1135673

Realizing that she is not going to be able to lie her way out of trouble, Reese resigns herself to the situation…

ID: 1135675

But will her status as America’s Sweetheart keep her from getting arrested?

ID: 1135680

It will not…

ID: 1135696

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