11 Foods That Unexpectedly Contain Marmite

Marmite! Love it or hate it, the infamously divisive yeast spread manages to weasel its way into some strange food combinations.

1. 1. Marmite Cheesecake with Marmite Chocolate Ganache and Strawberries

ID: 1073614

2. 2. Marmite Victoria Sponge Cake

ID: 1073620

3. 3. Marmite Fudge

ID: 1073627

4. 4. Homite (Honey and Marmite) Ice Cream

ID: 1073643

5. 5. Chocolate Cake with Marmite Caramel Buttercream

ID: 1073645

6. 6. Marmite on Dairy Milk Bar

ID: 1073647

7. 7. Marmite Cheesecake Swirl

ID: 1073653

8. 8. Marmite Pizza

ID: 1073650

9. 9. Marmite Chip Sandwich

ID: 1073655

10. 10. Marmite Tea

ID: 1073659

11. 11. Mangoes and Marmite Fruit Smoothie

ID: 1073662

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