29 Babies Who Are Totally Throwing Shade

Little people, big sunglasses.

1. Listen.

2. This gal is judging you right now.

3. This guy too.

4. Like, really judging you.

5. And as luck would have it…

6. They have their sunglasses on…

7. So you can’t even see…

8. The extent to which…

9. They.

10. Are.

11. Judging.

12. You.

13. And let me just say…

14. Their judgement is ~real~.

15. These little ones could pretty much be on…

16. Judge Judy

17. Or Judge Joe Brown

18. Or Terminator 2: Judgement Day

19. Because of the intense judgements…

20. That are happening…

21. From behind their lenses.

22. So don’t think that just because these guys are small…

23. Or just because they have shades on…

24. (And at times, hats…)

25. That they’re not taking everything in.

26. They’re always watching…

27. And always judging…

28. Except for when…

29. They’re napping.

Judging is exhausting, after all.

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