The Journey

A tale of a couple who inspire, and bring hope with a love that is full of fire and passion.

Love is interesting, most people spend their whole lives searching for the person (or persons is you’re poly) that makes them feel complete. Throughout this journey; we stumble, fall, pick ourselves back up, and then stumble again. We experience heart break, devastation, hurt, but still we continue searching. Despite all the pain that love brings us, we still continue to try and find someone to share our lives with, our hearts with, and our joy with.

There is certainly love in every marriage and partnership, but not all love is created equal. Some people get married, and they fall into a routine, they say I love you but the words are empty.

I have met very few couples that have exhibited the type of love that I, and a lot of people dream of. The love you see in romantic movies, the love they write songs about, the love that is so rare, and that we need more of in this world. It takes a lot of trust, patience, honesty, loyalty, understanding, and passion to maintain a type of love that’s so real, loud, and the envy of other couples.

I recently met two people who exhibit this exact type of love. There are many different types of love, but this love is the love that couples and partners should strive for. I won’t name my friends because I want to keep them anonymous, but I hope to have half the marriage they have one day. I see the way they look at each other, I hear the way they talk to each other, and it’s real. It’s not superficial, and the emotion is so strong it radiates in the room.

When two people love each so much that their emotions become one, that’s real. With my friends their main goal is making the other person happy, their own happiness comes from the other person’s happiness. They communicate (Goddess, people don’t understand how important communication is), and they radiate a love so rare is almost doesn’t exist.

To quote Rascal Flatts, “Every long lost dream led me to where you are, Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars. Pointing me on my way into your loving arms. This much I know is true. That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you.”

People like my friends is why we take the journey, why we walk the broken road, why we allow our hearts to be shredded, shattered, and torn. So we can continue to hope to find even a sliver of the love my friends have.

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