Rainbow Is A Color

Rainbows, and the psychological makeup of what makes a human whole.

Rainbow is a color. I think my logic for this fact is pretty sound, but I am sure it is scientifically inaccurate. People see a rainbow as seven different colors together, but I see it as one color. Why? Because without one of those colors it is no longer a rainbow.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. This is a rainbow.

Red, yellow, green, violet. This is a bunch of colors

See my point? Rainbow is a color. A rainbow cannot exist if there are not all seven colors. Even if you hate a color (say, orange) if you draw a rainbow without the orange it won’t look right.

Humans, for the most part, have a tendency to want to get rid of their orange. Let’s say that each color of the rainbow represents a certain aspect of a person’s life or personality:

Red: Good traits, positive personality aspects
Orange: Bad traits, negative personality aspects
Yellow: Family
Green: Friends
Blue: Nature/genetics.
Indigo: Nurture/environment
Violet: Hobbies, likes/dislikes.

Obviously orange is the color that most people wish they didn’t have. We all want, on some level, to be able to get rid of any negative or bad aspects of ourselves. However, like a rainbow, a human needs all the colors. Even the orange.

We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like, but let’s look at this from a different perspective. When you’re upset who do you usually turn to? Family? Friends? They are who you gain strength from, they are who make your colors stronger. It’s easy to love someone when your red is shining, but to be able to love someone’s orange is what makes them better, stronger, and most importantly learn more.

Then there is the issue of nature vs nurture. Now, I am a big proponent of the nurture, but I understand that without one they other probably cannot exist. Our genetics and biological makeup play a strong role in how we respond to our environment. So you see, blue and indigo work together. Without blue we wouldn’t exist, without indigo we wouldn’t grow.

Like a rainbow, humans need the sum of all the parts in order to be full, vibrant and beautiful. Without a color, without a certain aspect of our personality something is missing, and everything will be off. We must focus on those colors that may not shine as brightly. Need new activities? Focus on your violet. Family issues? Concentrate on yellow. Help brighten the dull colors, but use the other colors as guidance. Without all the colors it all falls apart.

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