10 Pictures Proving Cupcakes And Muffins Are Frenemies

Who knew the world of baked goods was so harsh?

1. They Use The Word “Vs”

ID: 2346275

2. They Are Really Passive Aggressive Towards One Another

ID: 2346280

3. They Don’t See Eye To Eye On Makeovers

ID: 2346289

4. Sometimes They Give Each Other The Silent Treatment

ID: 2346291

5. They Glare At Each Other

ID: 2346292

6. They Openly Insults At Each Other

ID: 2346302

7. They Judge Each Other Harshly

ID: 2346306

8. Schadenfreude

ID: 2346340

9. One Time It Lead To A Murder

ID: 2346355

10. Some Hope For A Better Tomorrow

ID: 2346361

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