17 Things Only People With Rainbow Hair Understand

A glimpse inside our colorful life.

1. 1. People ask if you’re a clown.

No, you can’t hire me for your kid’s birthday party.

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2. 2. You’re used to being the butt of bad jokes.

No, there’s not a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

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3. 3. It’s difficult to have serious discussions.

I am concerned about world hunger, women’s rights and human trafficking- and sometimes I like to talk about it.

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4. 4. Yes, this is my everyday look.

No, I’m not going to a football game or participating in a color run.

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5. 5. Alone time is a must.

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6. 6. Formal wear can be challenging.

But I pull it off.

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7. 7. Radiant Red, Sheer Blonde, Brilliant Brunette……………. thanks for nothing, John Frieda.

No one makes hair products for rainbows.

ID: 3194794

8. 8. People tell you to just take off your wig.

Uh, it’s real and it’s attached to my head. Should I ask you to take off your arm?

ID: 3194817

9. 9. Sometimes your hair gets more attention than you do.

Um, my eyes are down here.

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10. 10. Move over blondes, RAINBOWS have more fun!

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11. 11. Because you’re beautiful.

ID: 3194862

12. 12. And you dream big.

ID: 3194868

13. 13. And you’re worth it.

ID: 3194878

14. 14. And you’re on the ball.

ID: 3194895

15. 15. And you’re classy.

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16. 16. And you’re sassy.

ID: 3194889

17. 17. And you know it.

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