15 Questions Every “Pretty Little Liars” Fan Wants Answered

Pretty Little Liars should win the Emmy for “TV Drama That Ruins Your Life.” Seriously.

1. How are the girls STILL in High School?

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Its been over 4 years by now, and since they are never doing homework because they are busy chasing A, how are they not failing everything?

2. Where the hell are everyone’s parents all the time?

The liars have gotten into enough trouble already, why are their parents always leaving them home alone?

3. What ever happened to Holden? How is his heart condition?

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Or Meredith? Lucas? Mike? and Adam Lambert?

4. Does Emily just not care about the fact that she killed someone?

Sure it was self-defense, but it seems she got over it pretty fast.

5. Why can’t Ezra date someone his own age?

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First Alison, then Aria. Didn’t he learn his lesson the first time? (Jackie was creepy, and she doesn’t count)

6. Why are everyone’s siblings so damn mysterious?

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The girls are already shady as eff, so why does Melissa, Jason, and Mike have to be so creepy?

7. Why did the black & white episode make everyone so uncomfortable?

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I just…I don’t know.

8. Are we sure Mrs. Hastings isn’t secretly Det. Olivia Benson?

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Serious doppelgängers..

9. Why is it “Byron” and not “Bryon” or “Brian” ?

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I’ll never get over this.

10. Why was Mona allowed to return to a school where she tried to kill 4 other students?

Who was the administrator in charge of this B.S?

11. Why does this Baby-Demon-Thing have to keep appearing?

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It is scary as hell. Seriously stop it.

12. Why is Moze SO annoying?

A lot has changed since she left James K. Polk Middle School.

13. And why was this scene so awkward?

ABC Family / Via

I love that Emily doesn’t hid who she is, but like why did they dance like that?

14. Why can’t Alison just tell them what the Eff is going on?

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Every time they find her she just says everything is complicated and people are trying to kill her and then she runs away.

15. WHO IS A?

ABC Family / Via

That’s it, I quit.

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