15 Pieces Of “Arrested Development” Merch You Need Right Now

With 15 new Arrested Development episodes just over a month away, here’s a look at 15 of the most creative Bluth family collectables from around the internet. Some retail therapy before our collective Netflix binge session on May 26.

1. “Gob Bless You” Framed Cross-Stitch, $65

The simple, yet elegant alternating banana and chicken embroidery will light up any home.

ID: 1094467

2. Buster’s Unfortunate Incident Earrings, $6.95

“We’re not going to Catalina are we?”

ID: 1094534

3. Cornballer Infomercial Paper Dolls, $19.99

Complete with two versions of George Sr.: standing and strangling!

ID: 1094573

4. Big Yellow Joint/Banana Scarf, $35

In case you get chilly snacking on a frozen banana.

ID: 1094551

5. Buster’s Army Awards Tank, $25.59

Show off your military honors.

ID: 1094541

6. “For British Eyes Only” stationery, $10

When you need to write super secret spy memos to Mr. F.

ID: 1094542

7. Tobias Fünke: World’s Best Analrapist Mug, $15

For the No. 1 analrapist in your life.

ID: 1094567

8. Ramones-inspired Bluths T-shirt, $25.56

chistanski / Via redbubble.com

“Hey Gob, let’s go. Hey Gob, let’s go!”

ID: 1094593

9. Lucille Bluth pins, $8

A Gangy for every occasion.

ID: 1094599

10. “IT’S ALL AN ILLUSION” Print, $99.99

“A ‘trick’ is something a whore does for money…or candy.”

ID: 1094616

11. Bluth Family Nesting Dolls, $140

Just the teensiest bit creepy, like Lucille’s winks.

ID: 1094617

12. “There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand” Key Chain, $8


ID: 1094620

13. Classic Quote Blue Pencils, $15

Because you’ll always be leaving a note.

ID: 1094621

14. “I Blue Myself” Canvas Print, $25

Now your walls can look just like the ones in the model home.

ID: 1094623

15. “Les Cousins Dangereux” Poster, $20

“I like the way the French think.”

ID: 1094624

16. BONUS: Denim “JeanPants” Underwear, $31

For the never nude in all of us.

ID: 1094630

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