Why The Midway Islands Are Vitally Important To Our Planet’s Future

Located between America and Asia, these three remote islands are facing a crisis of unfathomable magnitude. While humans are the cause of this problem, they can also be the solution.

1. This is a Laysan albatross hanging out on the beach on a Midway Island. If you look at his surroundings, you’ll see plastic pieces, large and small.

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2. This is Chris Jordan (and an albatross). Jordan and his crew have been working on the Midway Project, a film that shows the plight of these birds in the midst of pollution.

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3. The Midway Islands are a group of three islands in the northern Pacific. They’re halfway between America and Asia.

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4. These islands are home to diverse wildlife, and they also were the site of the Battle of Midway, a pivotal moment in World War II.

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5. Oh, the wildlife is really cute. Just look at that baby. That’s a really cute baby.

ID: 1665126

6. This one is too!

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7. So the Midway Islands are important for another reason: They’re situated within the great Garbage Patch of the Pacific Ocean, and much of its water and land is saturated with plastics and trash.

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8. Which means that all of these amazing (and adorable) creatures are being poisoned by the trash that surrounds them.

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9. Plastic is mistaken for food, and many of the birds ingest the trash.

ID: 1665171

10. Yes, even the adorable babies.

ID: 1665178

11. Which means that this fuzzy little baby has plastic in his stomach.

ID: 1665241

12. And that plastic? Yeah, it will kill him.

ID: 1665315

13. This isn’t an uncommon sight on the Midway Islands.

ID: 1665317

14. Which makes sense when you realize that all of this stuff was taken from the albatross nesting area.

ID: 1665321

15. All of this.

ID: 1665322

16. Yep, and this.

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17. And, as this video shows, the plastics affect all kinds of animals, down to the plankton level, because there are small pieces in the sand and water.

ID: 1665356

18. So what can you do to help? A lot!

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19. You can donate to the Midway Journey to help them as they educate the public about the environmental crisis on the islands.

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20. You can also try to decrease your plastic usage, and remember that each item lives on long after you’re done with it.

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21. You can research the possibilities (or lack thereof) for destroying the Garbage Patch.

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22. And you can encourage scientists to develop better biodegradable packaging that won’t end up on beaches.

ID: 1665477

23. So little albatross babies can stay fluffy and cute like this.

ID: 1665428

24. And this adult albatross can stay majestic and strong like this.

ID: 1665461

25. And this sea turtle can stay graceful and tough like this.

ID: 1665463

26. And this heartbreaking video can become the distant past, not the horrifying present.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/25563376.
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