In Need Of A Pep Talk? These Walruses Are Here To Help

Go get ‘em, kid! You were born a fighter! Or… something like that.

1. Hey there, kid. You’re looking a little down in the dumps. A little defeated.

ID: 1165419

2. Like you just can’t get out of your own way. You seem so hopeless.

ID: 1165422

3. What’s that you say? You’ve had a rough day?

ID: 1164125

4. Well let me see some can-do attitude. Turn that frown upside down, soldier!

ID: 1164128

5. Show me see what you’re workin’ with!

ID: 1164127

6. Give me your best moves!

ID: 1164130

7. Because today? Today you are stronger than you’ve ever imagined,

ID: 1164132

8. More graceful than you ever thought possible,

ID: 1164133

9. And more loved than you ever realized.

ID: 1165393

10. So let the band play,

ID: 1164131

11. Start the slow clap,

ID: 1165414

12. And go show ‘em hell.

ID: 1164138

13. Because today is YOUR day, no one else’s.

ID: 1165583

14. And we’re all here, cheering you on!

ID: 1165525

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