I Think It’s Time We Talk About The Margay

AKA the cutest little rainforest cat you’ve never heard of.

1. This, my friends, is a margay.

ID: 2013349

2. It’s out-of-control cute.

ID: 2013359

3. Margays dwell in the rainforests of Central and South America.

ID: 2013375

4. Scientists figured out that they are able to do all of their hunting in trees.

ID: 2013417

5. If they weren’t this cute, we’d feel bad for the squirrels but look at this guy roarin’ away.

(And the frogs and birds and other small tree-dwelling animals..)

ID: 2013445

6. When they’re not being ferocious hunters, margays are pretty much just 100% adorable.

ID: 2013484

7. They have the best lil round ears.

ID: 2013524

8. And dreamy eyes.

ID: 2013554

9. Margays are sociable.

ID: 2013632

10. And glamorous…

ID: 2013669

11. …And are pretty much the cutest cats in the rainforest.

ID: 2013708

12. Which is why it’s high time we start recognizing them for how awesome they really are.

ID: 2013732

13. And so we say…

ID: 2013890

14. Three cheers for margays!!

ID: 2013803

15. …Or, y’know, not. That’s fine too.

ID: 2013772

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