26 Cats Who Can’t Take A Hint

These cats should never be allowed in a bar, ever.

1. “Why hello there.”

ID: 1947533

2. “I’ve been watching you.”

ID: 1947529

3. “Not in a creepy way or anything…”

ID: 1947551

4. “Y’know, I just like the way you move.”

ID: 1947542

5. “And it’s just that, well, you’ve got that something.”

ID: 1947521

6. “That something I can’t look away from.”

ID: 1947577

7. “Because ya look GOOD, y’know?”

ID: 1947589

8. “Oh, sorry, was that too forward?”

ID: 1947593

9. “It’s just that I see what you’ve got goin’ on.”

ID: 1947600

10. “And I just want you to know that I’m into it.”

ID: 1947602

11. “And, y’know, if you’re interested…”

ID: 1947668

12. “All of this can be yours.”

ID: 1947615

13. “Wait, what’s the matter?”

ID: 1947784

14. “WOAH, where are you going?!”

ID: 1947753

15. “I was just kidding! Ha ha?”

ID: 1947779

16. “Okay fine, be that way. Turn all of this lovin’ down.”

ID: 1947851

17. “This always happens to me but I know it’s just your loss, girl.”

ID: 1947875

18. “But wait, I’m confused. What is it about me you’re not into?”

ID: 1947904

19. “Ohh, I get it now. You’ve got a boyfriend, right?”

ID: 1948220

20. “I knew it!”

ID: 1947996

21. “You must have a boyfriend. Or a husband? Whoever he is, he don’t love you like I could if you give me a chance.”

ID: 1948024

22. “But if you aren’t spoken for, I don’t get why you’d pass this up?”

ID: 1948062

23. “I’m a great catch and I’ve got a lot of options, obviously, but I’ll wait for that smile on your face, girl.”

ID: 1948107

24. “…Unless, of course, I find someone else in this bar who’s more into me than you are.”

ID: 1948109

25. “At which point, you’re on your own.”

ID: 1948134

26. “BYE.”

ID: 1948166

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