19 Cats Who Are Seriously Lacking Social Skills

Manners are hard when you just don’t care.

1. This kitten doesn’t quite know how to introduce himself.

ID: 2027537

2. He didn’t want to say anything, but really, that nose! It’s just so long!

ID: 2027539

3. She knows you just met, but she can’t be expected to resist those toes. Personal space can wait.

ID: 2027552

4. Privacy can wait, too.

ID: 2030882

5. He promises he’s listening to your fascinating story. Really.

ID: 2027585

6. She is too, don’t worry.

ID: 2028040

7. She just wants your attention and it just builds up and can’t be contained.

ID: 2027643

8. And he was just giving a fellow cat a helping hand.

ID: 2030448

9. This cat wants you to wait your turn to wash your hands. This sink is occupied.

ID: 2030235

10. And she knows it’s impolite to stare, but it’s just hard not to.

ID: 2030265

11. He didn’t pick up on the fact that the ram offered him a ride just to be polite.

ID: 2030384

12. And she totally picked up on the fact that there’s a cat in there, but she really doesn’t care.

ID: 2030457

13. This kitten knows you made this food lovingly for her, but it’s just too disgusting to pretend she likes it.

ID: 2030474

14. And this cat knows the balloon is a gift, but he can’t hide the fact that he hates it.

ID: 2030502

15. Same goes for whatever this thing is.

ID: 2030798

16. She was taught to be polite but she just can’t bring herself to pretend to want to be friends.

ID: 2030553

17. And this cat can’t help his natural reaction to affection is to push it away.

ID: 2030935

18. Mostly, cats understand the “concept” of polite…

ID: 2031557

19. But they just can’t be bothered to apply it to their own lives.

ID: 2031567

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