Be Inspired By The 21 Bravest Animals Of All Time

They’re courageous. They’re strong. And they won’t be held back by fear!

1. Okay, he was hesitant at first, but this cat is experiencing gravity like none before him. FEEL THE ADRENALINE RUSH.

ID: 1543362

2. You see this gate? This is HIS gate now. Ain’t no stoppin’ this puppy!

ID: 1543373

3. This tennis ball? It’s going down. Its menacing stare is no match for this puppy’s fierce warrior stance!

ID: 1543377

4. Oh you THOUGHT he was a little bird but LOOK AGAIN. He’s rough. He’s tough. He’ll take you on ANY DAY.

ID: 1543383

5. This kitten really doesn’t know where she is, but she’s going to try not to panic. Grace under pressure!

ID: 1543387

6. This cat doesn’t believe in what you’re doing and she is taking a stand for JUSTICE. For PEACE. For… oh dear.

ID: 1543389

7. This puppy’s ready to defend everyone from the menace that is the door stop. Careful… steady… OH GOD IT MADE A NOISE.

ID: 1543393

8. Sure, it’s all fun and relaxation until HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT RIGHT THERE. This cat’s on it though, no worries.

ID: 1543410

9. Who said men don’t help out with housework? This guy’s here to break some gender-role boundaries. Oh, and some species-role boundaries too.

ID: 1543420

10. In the courageous fight against those humans who wish to steal the bottle from her, this kitten won’t give in.

Even though, y’know, the human gave her the bottle in the first place.

ID: 1543424

11. This cat doesn’t care if he’s a cold-blooded creature that eats bugs. She loves him, damnit!

ID: 1543746

12. This red panda wants you to know that anytime you have a menacing pumpkin terrorizing your neighborhood, he’s on it. Don’t even worry.

ID: 1543785

13. I mean sure, this floor is completely terrifying and you’re paralyzed with fear. But THIS KITTEN WILL CONQUER!

ID: 1543812

14. This dolphin was intimidated when he saw the boat approaching, but he went up to them anyway. And now he has some new dog friends!

ID: 1543824

15. This kitten wants you to know that you might be tall, but SHE IS TALLER. She will climb every mountain, even if it happens to be your arm.

ID: 1543840

16. Same goes for this cat, though he’s starting to second-guess his mountain-climbing stance.

ID: 1543849

17. This penguin isn’t afraid to stumble a few times on the road to success. He’s got this!

ID: 1543862

18. This cow sees your attempts at confining her and confidently breaks open those barriers. She will not be held down!

ID: 1543867

19. This rat wasn’t entirely sure what kind of animal that huge thing was, but she was willing to give him a try.

ID: 1543891

20. This dog heard the mean things you said behind his back and he wants you to know that he’s not going to take it anymore.

ID: 1543875

21. And sometimes, as this bear demonstrates, the most courageous move is to stand still in the face of adversity.

ID: 1543432

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